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Return & Refund policy

Return Policy

According to the replacement and return policy of, the purchaser is entitled to return the purchased product within 14 days from the date of receipt, provided that the manufacturing of such product is defective, and there is a reason requires replacement or return, and such reason is approved by the website. In case of approval that the product to be returned or replaced, the product shall be in the same condition it was received by the purchased, and shall be intact, non-used, non-damaged or misused, and the product box and all relevant accessories shall be available and in the condition they were received as the integrity of such items will be ensured before accepting the request of return.

It shall be noted that in case the request of return is accepted by the website, the procedures of refund to the purchaser will be arranged, provided that any taxes or fees to be collected shall be deduct, including without limitation, customs charges and transportation costs. In most cases, the procedures of refund to customers take 28 working days.

The products regarding which request of return is not accepted (except for damaged products):

·    Customized or hand-made products, or the products which will probably deteriorate or expire instantly and once received by the purchaser;

·    Sealed materials, which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection and the materials opened after being received;

·        Audio and visual products (e.g., music or movie products) and programs (e.g., software and video games) or the products on compact discs (CDs or DVDs) or other media;

·         Newspapers, journals and magazines; and

·    Digital content (e.g., electronic books, mp3 files, applications or other digital contents, which cannot be returned using promotional codes).

In this case, the purchaser acknowledges that he/she accepts the foregoing and holds the website harmless against any misunderstanding of the replacement and return policy.