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Halawa pistachio 800 grAlrayan tahina 800 gr2 small jam - 400 gr/jam..
Al-Owaid Honey offers you the finest types of Spanish pollen, which contain a group of proteins and vitamins necessary for the body. - It is useful for diseases of the liver and improving its functions. Useful in increasing fertility for men. Used in cases of anemia. Reduces stress..
Natural honey produced by bees feeding on the nectar of black-seed flowers Tonic for the immune system, useful for allergic chest diseases..
عسل الحبة السوداء "حبة البركة" - عسل طبيعي ناتج من تغذية النحل على رحيق زهور الحبة السوداء. - مقوي لجهاز المناعة ومفيد لأمراض حساسية الصدر. - تقوية جهاز المناعة...
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